• Josip Kuštera

Ultimate Survival Guide: Ireland — All You Need To Know. Part 1: Accommodation

Traveling and moving to live abroad has never been easier, with expanding EU more and more people around Europe is deciding to try their luck elsewhere. I was no exception.

When I decided to move to Ireland the first thing was to gather all information I might need. Online forums, chats, official websites and Facebook groups — I was spending hours and hours reading, researching and looking for information.

The more I was looking the more confused I was getting. What is true, who to trust?

I was frustrated!

Now, after three years of living in Ireland I can see that this is still a common problem. By looking at Facebook groups I can still see many people trying to figure this out. And I know the feeling.

That is the reason I have decided to write this Guide and here you will find all relevant information in one place — information about accommodation, finding a job, taxes, public transport and many other useful things.

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